Haikou Water and Wastewater Project

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The City of Haikou, capital of the largest Special Economic Development Zone in China, the Hainan Province, rapidly developed and plans to reach 1,000,000 inhabitants within the near future.

To meet the increasing demand of water and to prevent the groundwater level from falling, the existing Mi-Pu Water Works has been extended. The treatment process included raw water intake works and transport pipelines, reaction and sedimentation tanks, a filtration plant, a disinfection and clear water pumping station with a chemical dosing plant.

Moreover, to protect the Haikou environment, and especially its coastal environment, the first wastewater treatment plant was built on the Northern shores, Baishamen of Haidian. The treatment process includes inlet works with coarse and fine screens, aerated grit/grease chambers, a high-load biological process with sedimentation, sludge thickening, anaerobic digestion and dewatering as well as biogas utilization. The treated water is discharged into the sea through a sea outfall (main barrel with a length of 1,400 m and a diameter of 2000 mm). The waste sludge is utilized in agriculture as fertilizer.

The services were completed by a training programme to the Haikou Water Company aiming at the operation and maintenance of the leak detection equipment, know-how transfer in terms of network management, water loss calculation and water quantity balance capacity. Training programmes had also been given to the management and O&M staff of the new WWTP consisting of theoretical training, learning by doing in the Haikou WWTP and in municipal WWTPs of Germany.

Cliente Finance Department of Ministry of Finance (MOF), China Construction Bureau of Haikou, Hainan Province, China
Local Haikou, Haïnan, Chine
Período 1995 – 2007
Capacidade Extension from 75,000 m³/d to 240,000 m³/d for Water Works; 300,000 m³/d for WWTP

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